" The anvil upon which the
sword of our transgressions
can be shaped into peace,
is the human heart."   
                                                          - Wm. C. Anderson

2016-17 School Calendar

First Semester

September 6 - December 20   2016


Sept. 6 (Tuesday)                      First Day of First Semester

Oct 10 (Monday)                        Columbus Day Holiday

Nov. 19-25                                 Thanksgiving / Fall Break

Dec. 1- 2 (Thurs. & Fri.)             Texas A.G.T. Conference

Dec. 20 (Tuesday)                      Last Day of Fall Semester

Dec. 21 - Jan. 4                          Winter Break Holidays


Second Semester

January 5 - May 26   2017


Jan. 5 (Thursday)                       Second Semester begins

Jan. 16 (Monday)                        Dr. Martin L. King Holiday

Feb. 20 (Monday)                       President's Day Holiday

Mar. 13-17                                  Spring Break Holidays

April 14 & 17 (Fri. & Mon.)         Good Friday & Easter

May 16 (Monday)                        Prep. for Adventure Trip

May 22-26                                   Adventure Trip

May 26                                        Last Day of Semester

Trip Portfolio and Photos

The entire school travels somewhere every Friday for an adventurous experience. Click below to see our trip portfolio.

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