" First we build tools, then they build us. " -Marshall McLuhan

The study of our own language engages children in the domains of writing and reading, especially great literature. These works are classical, philosophical and historical in nature. The knowledge to be gained from them is the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We ask that parents assist their child in making selections from the book list for required reading and consult with Mrs. Anderson if you have questions or need assistance. The reading list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. And please visit the school website for updates.

pictureOur goal is to encourage children to read thoughtfully and carefully and to apply what is discovered in their own lives. In writing, they are motivated to be creative while focused upon being grammatically precise. Effective communication requires attention to such detail.

The development of a true love of both reading and writing is our final and most critical objective. The development of a life-long habit of reading for pleasure, information and intellectual stimulation is what we hope to achieve. It is our belief that to be truly educated, you must develop a passion for reading that continues throughout your adult life.

In lieu of homework, the Anderson Private School requires scholars to read (or be read to) for at least one hour each day.

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Language Arts
College Writing
Lessons from Great Books

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