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" Education is that which remains when one has forgotten
everything he learned in school. " - Albert Einstein

David J. Welsh, Ph.D.

Dr. Anderson and LeVonna Anderson have known and worked with Dr. David J. Welsh for many years. He works closely with the pictureAnderson Private School as consulting psychologist and assists in the identification and placement of students. In addition, our parents rely upon him for guidance and counseling. We highly recommend David to anyone in need of psychological services. He is highly respected, admired and loved by everyone involved in our school.

Dr. David Welsh has over 25 years of experience as a psychologist helping people improve performance. His common-sense strategies enhance communication, resolve conflict, manage stress, and improve relationships.

His website will help you learn more about Dr. Welsh and how his services can benefit your family, your school or your workplace. He may be reached at 817-735-8299. His office is located at 6040 Camp Bowie, Suite 52, Fort Worth, TX 76116. Click here to view the web site of David J. Welsh, Ph.D.

To read the article, "The canaries of our society," written by Dr. Welsh, click here.


The School of Liberal Studies and its Purpose

WE ARE MADE TO KNOW, and if, as Christ teaches, love is greater than knowledge, it is nevertheless true that along the way toward the perfecting of our lives in charity we must know what to obey, whom to admire, and whom to love. What St. Augustine called the ordo amoris, the order of our loves, rests upon the foundation of truth, knowledge of which is the first, if not the final, duty of every person.

The purpose of any school that teaches across the spectrum of experience that unites adolescence with maturity is to seek and to find truth. Learning is the adventure that lies at the heart of the growth of each person. At its best, the learning a great school proposes does not minister to curiosity, or to appetite, or to the advantageous use of men and goods, but to the sharing of those truths the knowing of which is essential to the genuinely good life. The place in which this adventure of ideas is proposed and encouraged may be, in the end will be, a building, but the location of learning, and of the teaching that learning presupposes, is first a community whose members share a common vision.

The vision shared by the founders of the New School of Liberal Studies includes a respect for the great humane tradition of the West that begins at Sinai, takes up the philosophy of the Greeks, adding on its journey through history the medieval and modern authorities. As the title implies, studies in the School are intended to encourage the life of a genuinely free man, a person who has freely undertaken allegiance to the good and the true, and who is therefore able to accept responsibilities belonging to the ordered life of the family, the nation, and the Church.

The Book List of the School of Liberal Studies codifies the texts that, in the opinion of the Tutors, best represent a beginning engagement with the great tradition of knowledge of God, of nature, and of man. These texts are taught through a four-semester curriculum in the disciplines of philosophy, literature, theology, and the classical languages, a curriculum that prepares students for advanced studies in the liberal disciplines or for specialization in a professional curriculum.

In the development of this curriculum, the Tutors acknowledge the influence of Blessed John Henry Newman’s Idea of a University and of the Oxford tradition with which he was familiar, which emphasizes tutorial learning and the defining influence of the conversation among students and with the Tutors that forms the School.

The study of these natural disciplines with the study of theology forms a Christian classicism that has been the intellectual heart of our civilization for seventeen centuries, and because these studies are the very form of the knowing intellect and hence of the person, they have a perennial significance.

Dr. Anderson and LeVonna Anderson highly recommend the Walsingham Society of Christian Culture and Western Civilization.

The Walsingham Society of Christian Culture and Western Civilization
4052 Herschel Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219
(817) 925 5658
For information, visit walsinghamsociety.com

Wes Oliver

Dr. and Mrs. Anderson are proud to recommend Wes Oliver to you for assistance with financial management and counseling. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver presently have three children enrolled in the Anderson School and his lovely wife, Amy, is instructing our youngest scholars with tremendous warmth and compassion. We cannot recommend any person more highly than Wes Oliver. Please feel free to call him if he can assist you. You will enjoy visiting with him.

Wes is excited to announce a new partnership with Baird.

In selecting the right firm to support important relationships, Wes spoke with representatives from some of the largest and most reputable names in the industry. Ultimately his research led him to Baird, where he is happy to say, "I’ve found a partner that shares my passion for creating great outcomes in people's lives.

Baird is an employee-owned, international financial services firm that ranks among Barron's Top Wealth Managers in the United States serving affluent individuals and families. Founded over 90 years ago, Baird's financial strength and independence lets us define our success by how well we meet our clients' needs over the long term.


Wes Oliver
Vice President
817 339-3419

Robert W. Baird & Co.
Private Wealth Management
550 Bailey Avenue, Suite 700
Fort Worth, TX 76107


Nelson F. Eichman, Ed.D.

pictureDr. Eichman has been involved with the Anderson Private School since planning for the school was initiated over twenty years ago. Nelson is a very dear friend of both Dr. and Mrs. Anderson and assists the school with financial planning and the day to day operation of the financial and business aspects of the school. In addition, he volunteers his time tutoring students in mathematics and related subjects. We consider him a wonderful friend and supporter of our school. His is a highly experienced school administrator, financial planner, tax consultant and real estate representative.

He has over thirty years of success in leading major multi-million dollar projects, implementing policy and administrations in government, education and financial institutions, in the filed as the executive manager, as well as a professor, teaching methodology, to other administrators.

At the Tarrant Appraisal District as Chief Appraiser, he executed the state’s first ever county-wide reappraisal for metro areas. Additionally, he served as Interim Chief Appraiser of the Hopkins Appraisal District and Project Consultant for the first statewide reappraisals in Kansas and Wyoming. While helping implement the current Texas Property Tax System at T.A.D., he served as advisor to the Japanese Minister of Property Taxation in restructuring the national system of Japan.

Dr. Eichman is respected for his ethics and achievements in the advancement of the Texas Public School System and as a community leader. Responsible for Policy and Administration, he performed well over expectations in the communities involved and currently serves as Board Director and Financial Officer for the Anderson Private School for the Gifted, Talented and Creative.

He administered the securing, disbursing and investing of School District funds, utilizing several resources and methods for funding multi-million dollar budgets. This was concurrent with overseeing curriculum, certification and training of personnel, student performance, capital construction and acquisition and providing high ROI for the largest and most demanding type of stockholder constituency, the taxpayers and families of our children.

He has been a consultant to financial institutions, relating to CUSO’s / New Business Development and Commercial Lending and served as Board Director for the Northwest National Band and Board Director and past Chairman of the Board for the Educational Employees Credit Union for over twenty years. He is a registered Professional Appraiser (Texas), a Licensed Professional Real Estate Agent.

As a Real Estate Appraiser and Property Tax Representative he owned Eikon Consulting with clients including the F.D.I.C., and many financial institutions, developers and homeowner’s associations.

Dr. and Mrs. Anderson have known Dr. Eichman for over thirty years and highly recommend him if you need assistance with marketing property, purchase and sales, or with tax appraisal representation, Dr. Nelson Eichman may be contacted at 817-300-3700. We simply cannot recommend anyone more highly than Dr. Nelson Eichman.

Alan Keiser

Our personal experience with Alan Keiser compels us to recommend him to anyone in need of the services of a wonderful electrician. As a former student of Mrs. Anderson, she has known him for many decades. He is highly respected for his integrity and qualifications. We recommend Alan to you without reservation and know that you will enjoy getting to know him and appreciate his contributions to your family or business.

Please contact him if you, like us, need help from time to time. It has been a joy working with him. And we sincerely appreciate his prompt reply to meet our urgent needs. The short story is: we love Alan.

Alan Keiser

817 319-2796
keiserelectric (at) yahoo.com

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