Seven days without laughter makes one weak.
- Joel Goodman

The Anderson Private School adheres to the principles of the Autonomous Learner Model (George T. Betts):

  • The emphasis is placed on the emotional, social and cognitive development of the individual.

  • A positive self-esteem is encouraged and facilitated.

  • Social skills are developed and enhanced.

  • Much of the curriculum is based on the interests of the students.

  • Students are involved in guided open-ended learning experiences.picture

  • The responsibilities for learning are placed on learners.

  • Students need and are provided experiences which allow them to become life-long learners.

  • Teachers are mentors and facilitators of the learning process as well as dispensers of knowledge.

  • Learning is cross-disciplinary.

  • Students develop appropriate questioning techniques.

  • Varied responses are sought from students.

  • Content topics are broad based, with emphasis on major themes, current events, problems, issues and ideas.

  • Time and space restrictions are removed for in-depth learning.

  • Students develop new and unique products.

  • Students use varied resources in the development of independent studies.

  • Cultural activities provide new and unique growth experiences.

  • Seminars and in-depth studies are essential components of the learning process.

  • Completion and presentation of studies are integral in the learning process.

  • Mentorships provide adult role models, active support and individual instruction and facilitation.

  • Higher level thinking skills are integrated, re-enforced and demonstrated in the learning process.

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The entire school travels somewhere every Friday for an adventurous experience. Click below to see our trip portfolio.

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