Programs & Models

" You don't make a place in the sun for you by sitting in the shade. "

Programs and Models Utilized include:

  • Enrichment Triad Model (Renzulli)

  • Autonomous Learner Model (Betts)

  • Core Knowledge Series (E.D. Hirsch)

  • Philosophy for Children (Lipman)

  • Integrated/Interdisciplinary Curriculum (Roger Taylor)

  • Cognitive Research Trust Thinking Skills (de Bono)

  • Newspaper in Education Program

  • pictureCreative Problem Solving (Parnes)

  • Structure of the Intellect (Guilford, Meeker)

  • Great Books

  • Strategic Reasoning (Upton)

  • Junior Great Books

  • Values Clarification (Simon)

  • Theory of Moral Development (Kolberg)

  • Learning Styles (Dunn, Dunn)

  • Hands on Equations (Borenson)

  • Teaching Strategies for Thinking and Feeling (Williams)

  • Junior Achievement

  • Saxon Math, Algebra ½ and Algebra

  • Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Bloom)

  • Cultural Literacy (E. D. Hirsch)

  • Critical Thinking Skills (Ennis)

Trip Portfolio and Photos

The entire school travels somewhere every Friday for an adventurous experience. Click below to see our trip portfolio.

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