" Just as the soul animates the body, so, in a way, meaning breathes life into a word. " -John of Salisbury

pictureThe study of the ancient art of rhetoric is essential for the creation of skills in speaking, listening, writing, content analysis, and critical thinking in students. From its ancient roots to the modern day application, students will develop a necessary set of skills that they can utilize throughout their lives.

From its roots, beginning with Greek Sophist Gorgias (485 – 380 BC), who was among the first great rhetoricians and was capable of developing convincing arguments, based on dialogue alone, regardless of his knowledge within a field, to counter arguments set forth by the philosopher Plato, who tried to warn of the inherent problems and the susceptibility of deceit encoded within the art of rhetoric upon its listeners, students will learn about the origins of rhetoric.

Rhetoric carries no small weight in our daily lives today. From politics to relationships and business, this discipline plays a pivotal role our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

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