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Men now live 27 years longer than they did a century ago,
and women 31 years. Many scientists believe there is no
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The Anderson School offers visual arts experiences for students of all ages. Students learn about the variety of visual arts experiences in our culture, design concepts and art principles along with the development of techniques.

With encouragement, students develop Art fundamentals in order to gain a sense of design and structure. Students are encouraged to develop portfolios and, importantly, to explore creatively, designs entirely of their own.

Learning about artists and artistic processes, is coupled with visits to a variety of area museums including the Modern, Kimbell, Amon Carter, Museum of the Americas and others.

Our art students work in a variety of dimensions to explore artistic styles. Their increased exposure of techniques in drawing and other mediums is interwoven into a variety of projects of their own choosing.

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The entire school travels somewhere every Friday for an adventurous experience. Click below to see our trip portfolio.

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